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Measuring the candidate experience

I’m currently working with a new and exciting business that works with organisations to measure, benchmark and evaluate the candidate experience. More on that to follow. In the meantime they are conducting a short survey to gauge the general mood when it comes to the experience of applying for jobs and how applicants are treated. … Continue reading

The Power of Film: 10 Tips for Employer Branding Films

Based on presentations I did last year at the Video and Mobile in Recruitment Conference and for the CIPD, here are my 10 tips for using film as part of your employer brand. 1. Employer Branding through film – Old Concepts, New Technology Employer Branding was first presented as a concept at the CIPD conference … Continue reading

Employer Branding 2010-2020: Engaging the Generations

I recently stumbled on an excellent video by the CRF Institute (which you can watch below). A well crafted and thoughtful presentation it illustrates the challenges facing organisations as we go into the new decade. The labour market is in flux as we are still coming out of a recession with the CIPD predicting more … Continue reading

The End of the “Recruitment Video”

….As we know it. The recruitment video used to be a wonderful thing. There would be an internal debate as to whose responsibility it is. Marketing would hear the word ‘video production’ and would get onto their contact at the production agency that recently did the TV ad for their latest product launch. They would … Continue reading

Do we care about the candidate?

There’s been a lot of increasing chatter about the candidate experience lately. Like it matters. Surely it’s not the least bit important when considering employers and recruitment consultants have their pick of candidates with so many of them around? What really matters is sorting the wheat from the chaff and pulling through the ones who … Continue reading

Social networking and the employer brand

Just a quick post this one to highlight an interesting topic and one that has huge implications for managing the employer brand. Matt Alder, Head of Digital at Barkers discusses new research and some key points around social networks and what this means for employers. Click here to view the video.

Thinking of others

I recently watched a superb film called Requiem for a Dream. It’s dark. Not one to lift the mood or when having popcorn with the kids. It tells the story of what happens when people become obsessed. Obsessed with themselves in an effort to seek what they believe will bring them fulfilment, but in the … Continue reading

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