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When Employer Brand and Candidate Experience Collide

I’ve worked in Employer Branding for nearly 20 years. I surprise myself every time I say it, but it really is that long. I started by working on research strategies for clients in recruitment when the idea was still in its infancy. Research – other than some basic media hunting – was not a prerequisite, … Continue reading

Is the RAD Awards “Candidate Engagement” category just more of the same?

This year the RAD awards have a new award re-categorized as “Candidate Engagement” after the disappointment of having to withdraw the “Candidate Experience” category last year due to an insufficient level of quality entrants. Focusing on the engagement strategy is an important part of what the RAD awards are about.  In essence much of the … Continue reading

How do you measure the candidate experience?

It’s been interesting to take part in a number of discussions recently around the candidate experience and also to see the number of organisations who are placing this right at the top of their resourcing agenda in 2012. Dr John Sullivan included the candidate experience in his Top 10 Predictions for 2012 on ERE.net and  … Continue reading

Measuring the candidate experience

I’m currently working with a new and exciting business that works with organisations to measure, benchmark and evaluate the candidate experience. More on that to follow. In the meantime they are conducting a short survey to gauge the general mood when it comes to the experience of applying for jobs and how applicants are treated. … Continue reading

“HR Marketing, or Employer Branding as it’s called these days…”

I was somewhat surprised to watch a video on a brand spanking new recruitment communications website that pretty much opened with this phrase to describe their business: “When we started up we wanted to bring something new to HR marketing or employer branding as it’s called these days.” No it’s not. It’s still called HR … Continue reading

Employer Branding 2010-2020: Engaging the Generations

I recently stumbled on an excellent video by the CRF Institute (which you can watch below). A well crafted and thoughtful presentation it illustrates the challenges facing organisations as we go into the new decade. The labour market is in flux as we are still coming out of a recession with the CIPD predicting more … Continue reading

2010 – The Year of the Online Video

I recently looked at a careers site for undergraduates. This particular website I was looking at had a link to find out more about a law graduate’s first year in their job after graduation. Evidence that times are changing was the fact I was immediately taken aback to see that the link took me to … Continue reading

The Future Lies Within

This is a quick post based on the article I wrote for the Working Films website, but as it talks about the principles behind Working Films and the relationship between video and employer branding thought it was worth posting. Particularly as I talked about ‘values’ in my last post and something I think is important … Continue reading

Filming the employer brand

Over at Working Films we’ve just posted a case study on the work we have recently completed with one of the government’s intelligence agencies using video as part of their graduate and experienced hires campaign. You can view the video and the case study on the Working Films website. It is an example of how … Continue reading

True values always show themselves in the end

Some organisations sweat over this one. Much money is spent on identifying values they already have and then trying to align this with a mission statement that delivers on the values that are fundamental to their vision. This is all very worthwhile, but executing incorrectly leads to a confused message and an inaccurate portrayal of … Continue reading

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