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When Employer Brand and Candidate Experience Collide

I’ve worked in Employer Branding for nearly 20 years. I surprise myself every time I say it, but it really is that long. I started by working on research strategies for clients in recruitment when the idea was still in its infancy. Research – other than some basic media hunting – was not a prerequisite, … Continue reading

Who cares about candidate experience?

Candidate experience is a hot topic in the world of HR and recruitment. Go to many workshops, seminars, conferences and somewhere and at some point the topic of candidate experience will be discussed. But what does it really mean? When someone applies for a job are they consciously evaluating their own candidate experience? Does being … Continue reading

Creativity and Innovation – The new needs friends

Innovation and creativity are sometimes thought of as great ideas and flashes of inspiration. Ideas that float around in the ether¬†waiting to be grabbed by a genius who can take this fully formed idea and turn it into something amazing. But creation comes from the culmination of thousands – millions – maybe tens of millions … Continue reading

Employer Branding – Focus on the business outcomes not the methodology

Whenever I ¬†begin working with a new client, my first task is to understand the landscape. Often what people think they want is not always what they actually need. They look at what appears to be a solution, but without asking the right questions. This often focuses on inputs rather than outputs – we want … Continue reading

Dropbox’s recruitment video

A variation on the talking heads video with a witty and entertaining result.

The Power of Film – 10 Top Tips for Employer Branding films

Bringing brands and the workplace to life using film and video has been achieved successfully by many organisations, but the way in which it is now used when it is so accessible has created more opportunities for using this powerful medium in employer brand management. I first presented on this topic as a speaker at … Continue reading

The Spiral of Silence – is it being heard in your organization?

The Spiral of Silence is a theory centred around the belief that people are unwilling to publicly express their opinion if they believe they are in the minority whereas those who believe they are associcated with the popular choice will become more vocal. The more marginalised the perceived minority becomes the less people will speak … Continue reading

Report finds HR is still ignoring candidate experience

Up to 60% of HR professionals admit they are doing nothing to monitor candidate experience, according to research by member-based advisory company CEB http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/hro/news/1144901/employers-ignoring-candidate-experience-report

Dashboard Truths

A friend of mine recently sent me this. Had to say, it raised a smile! Dashboard Truths

Candidate Dispositioning – What does it mean and why does it matter?

Originally posted on WhateverYouThink:
When we started out with Mystery Applicant, we set the goal that every job applicant would be given the opportunity to give their feedback on the process. Every single one. Every minute of the day. This is a key part of our offering as we wanted to hear from the rejected…

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