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“HR Marketing, or Employer Branding as it’s called these days…”

I was somewhat surprised to watch a video on a brand spanking new recruitment communications website that pretty much opened with this phrase to describe their business: “When we started up we wanted to bring something new to HR marketing or employer branding as it’s called these days.” No it’s not. It’s still called HR Marketing. Employer Branding is not simply HR Marketing. HR marketing is part of the employer brand communications, but it doesn’t stop there neither does it define the principle of employer branding that centres around how an organisation manages its perceptions, behaviours and alignment with its EVP throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

So whilst HR marketing is a vital component it is just that and before that is the understanding around the EVP and more importantly its measurement. And any organisation that says it understands employer branding and yet doesn’t do any measurement or barometer checks with prospective candidates, candidates and employees is simply paying lip service to the concept.


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