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2010 – The Year of the Online Video

I recently looked at a careers site for undergraduates. This particular website I was looking at had a link to find out more about a law graduate’s first year in their job after graduation.

Evidence that times are changing was the fact I was immediately taken aback to see that the link took me to a written interview. Yep, that’s right. Pure old text. With a smattering of bold font thrown in to highlight the questions. Now there is quite obviously nothing wrong with this tried and tested method (after all I’m writing a blog), but whilst I’m biased I already feel conditioned to expect to see some kind of video content around this topic.

This year is going to see a massive surge in the growth of online video. The US has led the way with online consumer advertising seeing a huge surge on growth of nearly 40% year on year with revenues of $477m.

“People are using the Internet in a different way now. With broadband penetration becoming ubiquitous and more and more sites having this easy capability, people are expecting video to be there.”

K.C. Estenson, GM of CNN.com

Employer Branding Videos

Whilst these statistics largely relate to the marketing world in general, within the context of employer branding and recruitment, there is going to be a larger slice of the pie devoted to investing in not just the production, but the distribution of online video. Not having a web-based film will be tantamount to not having a website a few years ago. The whole communications remit is changing and the way film is commissioned is changing also with one-off videos being a thing of the past as organisations look to factor in video communications across all their employer branding activities from initial attraction and perception realignment through to onboarding, induction and retention.

Destinations or Platforms

Using the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu etc. is only one part of the mix. They should be used as part of the tools and vehicle for people to find out more, but they shouldn’t be used as the destination itself. The goal is for people to become engaged with what they first see and then explore further – ideally by visiting your content research site that has additional content broken up into bite-sized chunks of information.

What’s next?

We know online film is going to play a big part in recruitment. This will evolve throughout 2010 as organisations will also look to achieve a balance between authentic user-generated content and professional productions. As we build up more debate around this topic for TruLondon2, in my next post I’ll write about the how and why film is to be integral to employer branding communications and some of the pitfalls to avoid.


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3 thoughts on “2010 – The Year of the Online Video

  1. Couldn’t agree more Nick, video is going to be key for everything online moving forward and recruitment strategies are going to need to have video is a major part of their plans. Google now list video’s at the top of many searches, no surprise seeings they own Youtube and need to monetise it somehow. This point alone should make everyone realise how integral video will be this and and beyond.

    I recently blogged about the different applications that video can be used for through-out the candidate/employee life cycle,http://bit.ly/6CrOi6

    Posted by Justin Hillier | January 27, 2010, 10:59 am
  2. Thanks Justin. Absolutely, and Google’s new search tools specifically tailored for video are going to see some amazing developments. As their own President of Sales, Nikesh Arora, said recently, “The one big shift in the next 3 to 5 years is going to be video advertising.”

    Posted by Nick Price | January 27, 2010, 11:23 am
  3. I could not agree more. However, it is important to align the employer branding activities. Creating a great video telling the story about the workplace only creates monologue. Is it more expensive to engage in dialogue? of course yes! But isn’t it enough to simply share some content? No! Potential candidates want to get behind the scenes of the company. The companies willing to make killer content AND engage in dialogue with its candidates will win big since most companies are still licking their wounds after 2010.

    Posted by Jacob Torpe Winter | January 28, 2011, 3:00 pm

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