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This is a quick post based on the article I wrote for the Working Films website, but as it talks about the principles behind Working Films and the relationship between video and employer branding thought it was worth posting. Particularly as I talked about ‘values’ in my last post and something I think is important to refer back regularly for any company.

Being passionate about people, their work and the organisations they work for is our fundamental starting point.

We are not purely a production company as unlike most other production companies, Working Films is also founded on the experience of employer branding and recruitment communications and the delivery of media across these streams.  The video production team are obviously a vital component, but just as essential is ensuring the films are made to work and reflect the organisation as an employer and communicating to the right people through the most effective channels.

I’ve worked with many different and varied organisations that have included the NHS, Oxfam, Lloyds TSB, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Central Government, and there is not one organisation that has not or would not  benefit from communicating more about the work they are doing through using film effectively. Some already are, of course, and others will soon follow as the market recovers.

The way in which video is used will evolve in the coming year. Producing a ‘recruitment video’ was once seen as a luxury add-on for large organisations. Now, however, this toolbox approach will no longer be enough and with online video, increased accessibility and production costs decreasing, the way in which video and film is used will become more integrated as part of an organisation’s employer brand. Many organisations will have a suite of films reflecting different components of their employer brand and the work they are doing. Remembering that an employer brand itself is not a component but an integral aspect of an organisation shows that its presence is reflected in ALL the organisation’s work.

In the way that press advertising decreased and online marketing took over, video will also become a dominate force in all employer communications. We describe our work as producing films – albeit short films – because a film tells a story. Video to me conjures up images of quick fixes. We want to go deeper than that which is why we take time to get to know organisations and film the footage that really encapsulates the role people have in an organisation.

Finally, production costs have decreased significantly in the past few years. Digital media and online editing is more affordable than it has ever been meaning that it is more accessible for more organisation’s too. This will see the market become more competitive and the emphasis will grow on the delivery and application as well as the production.

Producing film and video is exciting and rewarding. Organisations benefit hugely from producing effective video and the end result is always worthwhile.

And going back to the values. We never forget why we do what we do. The real value  and inspiration for our clients and for us ultimately comes from the people within their own organisation.


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