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The Fallen

The BBC has recently shown a documentary that was first aired shortly after Remembrance Day 2008. Produced by award winning film maker Morgan Matthews, The Fallen is a powerful and poignant film in which families and friends of those who have died whilst serving with the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq talk openly about their feelings, their loved ones and their grief.

It really is a remarkable piece of work. Three hours long, it names every single serviceman and woman who died in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001 alongside the individual stories and footage of the war and the servicemen going about their job. In doing so it not only shows the cost of war and human conflict, but the impact this has on the families and loved ones.

It is easy to make rash assumptions about war. Whilst the stark human tragedy is devastating it also recognises that for anyone joining the armed forces  it is their job, their work. The stories from this film show how decisions these people took  at an early age have ended up creating an incredible impact on a very wide scale. The lives of the people left behind are dramatically changed for ever.

I would urge everyone to watch this film. No one should underestimate the courage these servicemen make every single day in their work. The conviction and courage to do a job they really wanted to do whilst being aware of the potential and tragic consequences that could lie ahead.

Take the time to watch it and I can guarantee you will never watch the news and hear of a British Serviceman or woman killed in Afghanistan again without taking the time to stop and think.

The Fallen on BBC iPlayer


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One thought on “The Fallen

  1. Haven’t seen The Fallen, but I was similarly moved by the excellent Occupation – but instead a BBC drama of modern conflict, based around the story of 3 men who served in Iraq.

    I am proud that we have a national institution like the BBC to commission and/or produce such film that actually tells the story where mass media seems unwilling or else simply unable to convey the reality, enormity and significance of such situations.

    Unfortunately the other feeling this left me with was that we, and I don’t think as a nation we are alone in this, sell our brave men and women short on their return (and unfortunately in many instances when they’re there as well in terms of the kit we don’t find the money to invest in to make their lives and roles as safe as possible).

    Whether you believe in what they are doing – whether you understand how someone could volunteer to put themselves in that position – whether you like their tone or demeanor or indeed the person that living through such conflict & pressure that you can’t possibly imagine has made them into – these people deserve respect for doing what our freely elected government have asked them to do.

    Posted by Alex Hens | June 22, 2009, 11:03 pm

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