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Having recently spent some time in the US, Twitter is everywhere. From the Weather Channel to Fox News  and Demi Moore tweeting about Britain’s Got Talent it is clear that the media want to utilise this short and immediate communication medium. In the UK the last few months have seen Twitter becoming more popular with a noticeable increase in registrations – evident from the number of new followers that emerge, but who have still yet to fully engage or understand the most effective way in which to use Twitter.

From a recruitment perspective it is still early days and it would be very easy to be drawn into trying to use Twitter as a fashionable way to enhance your employer brand. This would be a naive misinterpretation of how social media works. Of course it is important to understand its use and its purpose and to factor in how people will communicate about you as an employer via this medium. But don’t force it.

Twitter is chatter. People will talk about you if they feel it has relevance to their followers. If they’re looking to gather opinions on an employer they can use Twitter in the same way they would if they were talking directly to you and where specific Twitter accounts are set up for careers and job seeking advice these will offer another forum for being alerted to new opportunities and points of view.

The point is to understand your position as an organisation and what you have of interest that others will want to talk about. I’ve recently started following @NASA because I was referred to their YouTube channel and it seemed of interest. This immediately opens up a two way communication channel that if you as an employer are engaging with as part of your employer brand management provides opportunities to create positive news about the type of organisation you might be like to work for. NASA is somewhat unique, of course, and it is ideally suited to Twitter for those that are interested in the work they do. Your organisation will have something of interest for the people who would be interested in working for you and it is important to identify what this is and create chatter within your sector.

Organisations that embrace new technologies are always refreshing to work with and the best are those who recognise the risk of trying to appear like a trendy parent and just not quite getting it right. If people have something to say about you they will find a way to say it and if it’s a big enough story they will want to tell as many people about it as quickly as possible utilising every channel they have. Make sure your story is a good one and the tweets will take care of themselves.


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